Mt. Futagoishi Course

This course, starting from Kirishima Higashi Shrine, aims for Mt. Futagoishi, the mountain connected to the east of Mt. Takachihonomine. It’s not an easy course, but the view from the summit to the east is fantastic, and one can look out over Lake Miike and Lake Koike at the base of the mountain as well as the municipal areas of Miyakonojo and Takaharu.

Time Required

About 6 hrs (Round trip)
◎ Mt. Futagoishi Trailhead > Mt. Futagoishi 【Approx. 150 min】> ◎ Mt. Futagoishi > Mt. Kotakachiho 【Approx. 10 min】 ◎ Mt. Kotakachiho > Mt. Takachihonomine 【Approx. 20 min】