Hot Springs

A Moment of Luxury in the Famous Hot Springs of Kirishima

A trip to Kirishima Geopark would not be complete without visiting the area’s hot springs. As one of Japan’s most prominent active volcano regions, Kirishima Geopark is a treasure trove of hot spring facilities. Here, magma under the ground heats the stores of groundwater to generate abundant natural hot springs.
Such an abundant volume of hot spring water naturally means a variety of spring qualities and benefits. The five cities and two towns in the area are home to a diverse range of hot spring facilities, enabling visitors to enjoy them in line with their particular needs. There are also many hotels and traditional inns where guests can spend some time in luxury, or alternatively, spend a day touring the different springs on offer. Visitors to the area can experience these famous hot springs in any way they please.

Leading Hot Spring Facilities in the Area

Kirishima Geopark is home to many more hot springs than those listed below. For more details, please inquire with the tourism associations of each city or town.