Educational Activities

Through the abundance of mother nature, Kirishima Geopark offers an array of opportunities for independent learning. Further, as we aim to create sustainable local communities, we also support the development of individuals who can continue to take on new initiatives for the future.

Initiatives for School Education

On-site School Classes

Teachers—mainly staff from the Kirishima Geopark Council Office—visit schools to teach students about the mechanisms of volcanic eruptions and the history of Kirishima’s natural environment through classroom-based learning and experiments. Rather than simply teaching students about the local area, the aim is to develop an interest in the relationship between natural phenomena and lifestyles.

Guided Outdoor Education

We dispatch Geopark guides to help with schools’ outdoor education activities so that students can learn not only about our natural landscapes, but also about the natural phenomena that have shaped them.

Initiatives Outside of School Education

Summer Volcano School

Through experiments that use familiar items such as snacks and carbonated drinks, we provide opportunities for children to learn about volcanic eruptions in an enjoyable manner. The aim is to develop and boost interest in volcanoes among local children.

Educational Program Development

We help to create and implement various educational programs in tandem with schools and other educational institutions. Please inquire if you wish to incorporate topics such as the workings of the earth and sustainable development into your educational activities.