Ebino Plateau Lake Tour Course

On this course that loops around three volcanic crater lakes, the charm of Kirishima is packed into this short course including a wide variety of plants, volcanic geology, views, and more. Compared to the other mountain courses, this course is relatively easy, and even those not used to climbing mountains can easily walk this course.

Time Required

About 2 hrs
◎Ebino Plateau > Lake Byakushiike 【Approx. 30 min】 ◎ Lake Byakushiike > Mt. Shiratori 【Approx. 20 min】 ◎ Mt. Shiratori > Lake Rokkannon Miike 【Approx. 20 min】 ◎ Lake Rokkannon Miike > Lake Fudoike 【Approx. 50 min】