Course to fully enjoy nature created by water and volcanoes

On this course, one can enjoy the flowing waters that carved away the rock left behind by the caldera eruption and the waters that spring forth from the base of the Kirishima Mountains after passing through the volcanoes. The last half of the course is especially worth taking a look at as it offers a look at uniquely shaped and artistically sculpted rock.

Time Required

About 2.5 – 3 hrs (by car)
◎ Michi no Eki Takarabe Kirarakan > Yukyu no Mori (Approx. 18 min) ◎ Yukyu no Mori > Kirihara Falls ・ Okawarakyo Gorge (Approx. 3 min) ◎ Kirihara Falls ・ Okawarakyo Gorge > Sanrentodoro Falls (Approx. 5 min) ◎Sanrentodoro Falls > Mizonokuchi Cave (Approx. 3 min) ◎ Mizonokuchi Cave > Sekino-o Falls (Approx. 5 min)