Soothing and healing course, with nature created by large scale pyroclastic flows

This is a course where one can tour the lands formed by the repeated large eruptions of southern Kyushu. Won’t you be soothed by the curtains of water falling over artistically carved cliffs and the rich greenery of the surrounding area?

Time Required

About 3 – 3.5 hrs (by car)
◎ Michi no Eki Takarabe Kirarakan > Yukyu no Mori (Approx. 18 min) ◎ Yukyu no Mori > Kirihara Falls ・ Okawarakyo Gorge (Approx. 3 min) ◎ Kirihara Falls ・ Okawarakyo Gorge > Sanrentodoro Falls (Approx. 5 min) ◎Sanrentodoro Falls > Mizonokuchi Cave (Approx. 3 min) ◎ Mizonokuchi Cave > Sekino-o Falls (Approx. 5 min)