Mt. Hinamoridake Course

This course, running from the Ikoma Plateau through Mt. Hinamoridake, Mt. Maruoka, and Lake Ohataike, is one of the hardest and most outstanding courses of Kirishima. Mt. Hinamoridake, especially, is quite a climb. The hiking path is a straight line running along the grade and one can really experience the shape of a volcano when hiking this course.

Time Required

About 6 hrs (Round trip)
◎ Hinamori Trailhead > Mt. Hinamoridake 【Approx. 120 min】 ◎ Mt. Hinamoridake > Mt. Maruoka 【Approx. 30 min】 ◎ Mt. Maruoka > Lake Ohataike 【Approx. 30 min】