Mt. Takachihonomine Course

In this course that takes you thoroughly across Mt. Takachihonomine, the site of the “tensonkorin” (the descent to earth of the grandson of the sun goddess), you can view the crater of Ohachi Volcano from the side while passing by the ruins of Kirishima Shrine and Mt. Seto and arrive at the legendary inverted pike sticking out of the summit. It is said that Ryoma Sakamoto, a patriot of the end of the Edo era, and his wife Ryo Narasaki climbed this course together. Won’t you, just like Ryoma, try this course?

Time Required

About 3 hrs (Round trip)
◎ Takachihogawara > Ohachi Volcano 【Approx. 50 min】 ◎ Ohachi Volcano > Mt. Takachihonomine 【Approx. 60 min】