Mt. Karakunidake Course

A highlight of the Mt. Karakunidake course, frequently visited by mountain climbers throughout the year, is the view of Mt. Shinmoedake, and one can view the influence of the 2011 eruption. From the hiking path one can also enjoy the view of Kirishima’s newest volcano, Mt. Io, and the explosion crater on the northeast side of Mt. Karakunidake. Furthermore, one can get a sense of the scale and feel a thrill while looking into the crater from the summit.

Time Required

About 3 hrs (Round trip)
◎ Mt. Io > Mt. Karakunidake Explosion Crater 【Approx. 15 min】 ◎ Mt. Karakunidake Explosion Crater > Mt. Karakunidake 【Approx. 95 min】