Course to learn the topography and culture of Kakuto

The course allows one to enjoy the cultural heritage fostered within the dynamic crater of the Kakuto Caldera, a remnant from a huge eruption. The start and finish points of this course are located on the north and east edge of the Kakuto Caldera and there are many must-see places within the Ebino Basin.

Time Required

About 2 – 2.5 hrs (by car)
◎ Yatake Plateau > Michi no Eki Ebino 【Approx. 20 min】 ◎ Michi no Eki Ebino > Meganebashi 【Approx. 7 min】 ◎ Meganebashi > Kyoho Suiro Taikobashi 【Approx. 1 min】 ◎ Kyoho Suiro Taikobashi > Hachimangaoka Park 【Approx. 10 min】