Course of mythology, history, nature and eruptions

This course loops around Mt. Takachihonomine, the site of tensonkorin (the descent to earth of the grandson of the sun goddess), and one can learn about the relationship between myths and the history of volcanic eruptions at its base. Check out the views at different angles of Mt. Takachihonomine from each site.

Time Required

About 3 hrs (by car)
◎Ruins of Old Kirishima Shrine (Kirishimajingufurumiyaato) > Kirishima Shrine【Approx. 15 min】 ◎ Kirishima Shrine > Kirishima Tourism Center (Information Center) 【Approx. 1 min】 ◎ Kirishima Tourism Center (Information Center) > Ohachi Kirishima Jingu Lava 【Approx. 1 min】 ◎Ohachi Kirishima Jingu Lava > Takachiho Farm 【Approx. 3 min】 ◎ Takachiho Farm > Lake Miike 【Approx. 30 min】 ◎ Lake Miike > Ojibaru Park 【Approx. 10 min】