Course to explore the formation of southern Kyushu

This course allows one to discover how the land of the Kirishima area was formed from the eruption of the Kakuto Caldera that blanketed southern Kyushu to the activity of the Kirishima volcanoes, and one can really get a feeling for the scale of the volcanic activity. There is also a hot springs village course, so it might be a good idea to relax with the blessings of the volcano!

Time Required

About 2 – 2.5 hrs (by car)
◎ Yokodero Yokotenbodan > Inukai Falls 【Approx. 20 min】 ◎ Inukai Falls > Maruo Falls 【Approx. 25 min】 ◎ Maruo Falls > Shinwa no Sato 【Approx. 10 min】 ◎ Shinwa no Sato > Sentaki Falls 【Approx. 5 min】 ◎ Sentaki Falls > Kirishima Tourism Center 【Approx. 15 min】