About Us

Kirishima Geopark Council

The Kirishima Geopark Council was established in October 2008 to promote collaboration between local citizens and governments for the protection and study of the Kirishima Mountains’ outstanding geological heritage. In doing so, the aim was to create an environment that would enable this heritage to be used for education and geotourism, and ultimately revitalize local communities.
The area that makes up Kirishima Geopark has continued to be influenced by the volcanic activity of the Kirishima Mountains. Since the start of the 21st century, Mt. Shinmoedake and Mt. Io (Ebino Plateau) have repeatedly generated eruptions of various sizes.
To ensure the sustainability of the region, we believe it is essential to learn from these historical eruptions and use our experience in future initiatives.
At the Kirishima Geopark Council, we will use the approaches and systems of UNESCO’s International Geoscience and Geoparks Program to promote a range of initiatives that will help us build sustainable communities alongside these volcanoes.

Promotion Framework

The Kirishima Geopark Council comprises the governments of five local cities and two towns (Kirishima-shi, Soo-shi, Yusui-cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Kobayashi-shi, Ebino-shi, and Takaharu-cho), tourism and economic organizations, regional and community-building organizations, educational and research institutions, and associated national and prefectural institutions. We will work with these organizations and local citizens to promote various business endeavors.