Enjoying the Abundant Nature of Kirishima

With an elevation difference of 1,700 meters between the highest and lowest points in the area, be it mountains, plateaus, gorges, or lakes, the diverse terrain and nature of Kirishima Geopark make it the ideal spot for outdoor activities. There are many unique ways to enjoy the region, such as campsites in various locations where visitors can fully enjoy the wilderness, cycling routes with stunning views, and air and water sports. Kirishima is the perfect place to refresh body and mind while enjoying the rich natural surroundings.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a night’s camping amid the nature of Kirishima. The Geopark is home to campsites of various styles where visitors can camp however they wish to, be it in tents, cabins, lodges, or something else. Enjoy the seasonal nature with your friends and family for a relaxing getaway.